I love to write. I’ve written everything from satirical video game reviews to in-depth analysis of pharmaceutical data management technology. Sometimes I even writing things that are good! Click here to see samples.

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Podcasting Hosting and Editing

I have been actively listening to podcasts since the early 2010’s, and started podcasting myself in the summer of 2016. During that time I have created over 100 podcast episodes across three different shows.

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Video Editing

I began creating videos during the summer of 2018, mainly related to gaming. Since then, I was able to teach myself the fundamentals of editing, composition, color correction, and YouTube analytics.

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Web Design and Analytics

During my time as a content creator, I have edited or owned 6 different websites, some of which were highly trafficked. While I do not have training in HTML or any other coding language, I am comfortable managing a website.

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Science and Engineering

My graduate studies were largely spent in the laboratory. During this period, I worked with a range of equipment. This experience also taught me the importance of resourcefulness and patience.

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Business and Administration

Between my work, studies, and content creation, I have been using productivity software continuously for many years. This has included learning advanced functions within these programs.

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