Climate Change and the Environment

The climate is changing, and humans are responsible. I feel like we should do something about that. I write about the intersection of science, business, and culture as it influences the global warming discourse.

Running a Sustainable Start-up – Climate Conscious
Ben Shapiro’s Bad Faith Stance on Climate Change – Climate Conscious
The Six Sins of Greenwashing – Ecosolver

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing and controls (CMC), pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the regulation of pharmaceuticals is an has important implications on drug quality and safety.

Evaluating Your Technology Toolbox – ACD/Labs
Data Management and Drug Quality – ACD/Labs
Trends in Antibody-Drug Conjugate Development – ACD/Labs

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Like many writers, I like to write about writing. My work in this area is primarily in-depth analysis of writing I enjoy in an effort to understand what makes that work special.

Deconstructing Ed Yong – Publishing Well
Writing A Science Explainer – Publishing Well
How to Write: 9 Lessons – Publishing Well

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Politics and Culture

Politics and culture are forces that influence all aspects of our lives. There are moments when different forces combine and interact in a manner that is noteworthy. I like to examine those moments.

AOC’s Twitch Stream: 4 Political Lessons – Dialogue and Discourse
What Mask-Backlash Teaches Us – Climate Conscious
The Truth About Racism in Canada – The Bigger Picture

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Food, Agriculture, and Animal Welfare

Animal agriculture is deeply problematic. From an environmental and ethical standpoint, it is quite clear that animal agriculture should be greatly reduced, if not stopped entirely.

Greenwashed Beef – Ours to Save
COVID-19 Revealing Inherent Cruelty of Agribusiness – Sentient Media
King Cole Duck Rescue – Sentient Media

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