Sales Prices are Overrated – What I Learned About Promotions from a Tactical Stocking

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Black Friday weekend has just passed, which means we are being slammed with sales prices and special promotional prices from anything from clothing and jewelry retailers to newspapers and software. As a marketer, I should find this time of year exciting! Every brand in the world is pulling out all the stops to try and grab attention. Surely the best that marketing has to offer is on display.

Unfortunately, Black Friday brings out the worst in marketing. Companies use sales and promotions in a way that is manipulative or deceptive. This guide is meant to explain to consumers how to deconstruct the use of sales pricing and to teach aspiring marketers how to avoid unethical pricing practices.

Common Mistakes When Targeting Marketing Writing for a Scientific Audience

Marketing to scientists requires a careful balance. Marketing people tend to come in too hot, thinking that clever graphics and sales pitches will bring in sales, while scientists believe that cold data is enough to win business. Both of these extremes have significant limitations and can even hurt your brand if you aren’t careful.

How do you find the “Goldilocks” middle of these two approaches?