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Jesse Harris writes on science, politics, climate change, food, and more.

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Ultimate Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifting Guide 2020

Environmentally friendly gift ideas for anyone on your Christmas list

Against Polling

Not only are the polls wrong, the pollsters don’t know how to fix them

Writing A Science Explainer — A Case Study

Learning to create high-quality evergreen explanatory content from “Charting a Coronavirus Infection” by Dr. Katherine Wu and Jonathan Corum

AOC’s Twitch Stream — 4 Political Lessons

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bold authenticity is the future of politics

Greenwashed Beef

How deceptive marketing hides the environmental impact of cattle farming.

The Six Sins of Greenwashing

How to tell the difference between sustainable products and marketing gimmicks.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Climate Denialism

“I’m not a scientist” is not an excuse for a Supreme Court Justice.

Side Effects of the Flu Shot

The side effects of the flu shot and nasal spray, and when your symptoms may be the sign of an allergic reaction.

Creating Suspense and Mystery in Your Writing

Using atmosphere and misdirection to add drama to your stories – A case study

Understanding Carbon Capture

How does carbon capture work? And is it necessary to avoid climate change?

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Means for the Electoral Map

Which states are most likely to be affected by the Supreme Court vacancy?

Ben Shapiro’s Bad Faith Stance on Climate Change

If Shapiro believes in climate change then he should take it seriously

Democrats Need to Make Voters Care About Corruption

The Democratic party has to figure out how to make dishonesty a campaign issue

Saving the Planet, One Podcast at a Time

First impressions of the “How to Save a Planet” Podcast

Kamala and the Climate

Her strength on the environment may surprise you!

Finding Hope in the Climate Discourse

How joining the global warming conversation helped me feel purpose and connect to a community

Deconstructing “How the Pandemic Defeated America”

Learning from science journalism at its finest

What Mask-Backlash Teaches Us About Climate Denialism

The intellectual and moral breakdown of society is making it impossible to solve problems

Bad News — The World is Getting Even Hotter Than We Thought

Researchers forecast higher chance of more warming in new climate models

5 Tips for Journalists and Writers

High quality tips for aspiring reporters and content creators

Burger King’s Reduced Methane Beef is a Green-washing Gimmick

Deconstructing the environmental claims in Burger King’s new commercial

Why $1.4 Billion Sent to Dead People is a Policy Success

No policy is perfect, so we should design them to fail correctly

The Truth About Racism in Canada

Addressing the ancient Canadian proverb: “At least we’re not America”

COVID-19 Demonstrating Risks of Ontario’s Proposed “Ag-Gag” Law

COVID-19 is making clear that Canada has a food safety problem—but “ag-gag” laws like the proposed Bill 156 make existing problems worse by further limiting much-needed transparency in the food industry.

How to Write — 9 Lessons from Review of 50 Writing Advice Articles

Writing tips distilled from high quality writing articles

COVID-19’s Spread is Accelerating in the Developing World

While many nations have been protected so far, it seems their luck may have run out.

Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” Offers Dangerous Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Population control has deep roots in the vile history of environmental racism.

“I’m a Doctor, but I also Play One on TV” — The Sketchy Truth Behind TV Doctors

COVID-19 is exposing many of TV’s most famous doctors.

King Cole Duck Rescue: Interview with Activist Jenny McQueen

Sentient Media Fellow Jesse Harris spoke with veteran activist Jenny McQueen about the recent action at King Cole duck farm and what a new Ontario bill targeting animal activists means for the budding social justice movement.