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Insights for anyone looking to sharpen their scientific writing and marketing.

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Content I have written as part of my full-time job and as a freelancer.

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Learn about freelance science writing, marketing, coaching, and consulting services.

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Science Writing and Marketing

People working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are not taught writing or communication. These “soft” skills are essential for sharing your research and advancing in your career.

This website provides resources for people in STEM to sharpen their science writing and marketing skills to help communicate their science and be successful.

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Jesse Harris - About Jesse - Science Marketing Writing

About Jesse

I live in Ontario, Canada with my son and wife. I have Master’s degrees in Chemistry and in Chemical Engineering. I spend most of my time drinking coffee and creating content.

I work at ACD/Labs as a Marketing Communications Specialist. My job involves creating content such as blogs, case studies, podcasts, and videos. My focus is promoting Luminata, a CMC decision support tool.

I’ve been creating online content since 2016. I like working on weird stuff with interesting people, so feel free to contact me about anything!